Thursday, September 24, 2009


It has grown increasingly apparent that there is a need to be in tune with the rapid, ever changing social media. In public relations, this is becoming critical. Whether it be through having a website, blog, facebook or even... Twitter? Yes, Twitter!

Despite the fact that the site is mostly used by people who, to quote one of my professors, "want to tell us about their every bowel movement" it does have the tools to serve a positive use in the business environment; especially Public Relations. Many large Public Relations agencies and small ones alike are jumping in and using twitter's resources to stay ahead of the game. Some of these agencies include Burson-Marsteller and KEF-Media.

So what does twitter have to offer the PR Professional?

1. Networking – The obvious but often unrealized fact, Twitter is a professional's gateway to the world. There is a total of somewhere over a million Twitter users and with an average of 200,000 active individuals using their Twitter accounts every week and I'm willing to bet a decent percentage of those people have jobs that may be in an emphasis you are interested in pursuing. Used properly, Twitter can help you enhance those relationships.

2. Personally Brand Yourself - Twitter allows the opportunity to portray one's self in both a personal and professional manner. Look at the site as an extension of your resume, building a stronger definition of who you are as opposed to just the one-to-two page document you get to hand your prospective employer in an interview. With each and every tweet, you are able to post everything you are involved in with internships, projects, campaigns, etc.

3. Skill Development - The one thing Twitter can do the most for it's professional users; it provides a constant connection to changing trends in public relations and social media. Depending who you hitch your "following" wagon to, twitter can constantly keep you in the know about what's happening around you.

As for me, I have recently started my own twitter account and will begin posting as soon as I have developed the "purpose" behind my posts. I know I want my account to be helpful and encouraging for all Public Relations professionals; I just have to lock down what that angle and delivery style is going to be.

Of course, to create a sense of organization and credibility, I have been designing my profile to be a continuation of the color theme of my blog, using the deep blue and light green primary colors and using my banner for background. It is my goal and obligation to ensure that my twitter shall be used in a productive way for the greater good and advancement of public relations!

Click HERE to check out my Twitter account!

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