Monday, April 20, 2009

Capture the Moment: Find the Moment

Beginning April 22, "Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs," the largest and most comprehensive display of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs ever shown in the United States, formally opened at the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics (my place of work) at the University of Mississippi.

The exhibit features 138 images drawn from each year's winning entries from 1941 up to and including the award-winning 2009 photographs. Without a doubt, compelling images in the exhibit touch the heart strings in a very profound way.

The FREEDOM FORUM's Newseum developed the traveling exhibit and its sister exhibit at the Newseum with the help of Business of Entertainment, Inc., New York, with Cyma Rubin as curator. The exhibition at the Overby Center will be on display through July 3 and I highly encourage individuals to see this amazing tribute to the human condition.

To raise awareness for the exhibit, we decided to do a Society of Professional Journalists sponsored scavenger hunt for students viewing the exhibit. To complement the exhibit we titled the event "Capture the Moment: Find the Moment."

Participants in the hunt were given a list of 10 Pulitzer photographers who's pictures were on display in the exhibit. After accurately finding the matching titles for all 10 photographers, participants would have to return the list, signed by the Farley Hall receptionist. To help from participant miss-use of the list we developed four different lists: one by Grafton Pritchartt (Vice President), Janna Jones (Webmaster), Dr. Wickham (faculty advisor), and myself.

In the end, SPJ had a great participant response with more than 30 entries. We gave winners either a Big Bad Breakfast $25 gift certificate, free McAlister's cookies or other local prizes from the Oxford area.
Above Photo: The flyer I designed for the Pulitzer exhibit's promotion.

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