Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PR Profiling in the News Media

I recently came across a great Public Relations practitioner’s journal article from PR Journal, published by the Public Relations Society of America. The title of the article is “Influence of the Gender of Reporters, News Topics, and Circulation Size on Framing of Public Relations.”

The study itself explored how external news factors influenced media framing of public relations by analyzing daily newspapers’ news content dedicated to depictions of public relations. The gender of reporters, news topics, and circulation size of newspapers significantly predicted how the newspapers framed public relations.

In their research, a neutral frame was dominant. When negative and positive frames were compared, male reporters took more negative approaches than female reporters, and female reporters took favorable stances toward public relations. Both negative and positive frames of public relations were more frequently present in hard news than in soft news. Large newspapers emphasized a negative frame toward public relations, and small newspapers highlighted a positive frame.

Especially in PR crisis management, it is critical that practitioners heed these frames and apply them to handling media relations.

As a whole, this concept is relative to all Public Relations practitioners; PR departments, PR firms and small businesses. This knowledge is particularly an important informational tool that applies to small business managers in order to relate to their employees on how do deal with the media in situations where there maybe little or no PR department within the business.

Ultimately, how the media views your company of business is typically how the public will see you. Remember: "Perception is Reality!"

Lim, Jeongsub and Bae, Jiyang, "Influence of the Gender of Reporters, News Topics, and Circulation Size on Framing of Public Relations," PR Journal Vol. 3, number 1, winter 2008

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