Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Debate This, Ole Miss Entries (Election Day)

A compilation of entries from election day.
The Obama Nation / You Stay Classy, America
Well... it's time to come out of the political closest...
I voted for Obama!!!!! Surprise!!!!!...
Wait, what do mean you could already tell? (Blushes)

Anyway, Last night was an epic night in American history with the election of the first black man to be President of the United States of America. It was a beautiful moment, with the results coming a lot sooner than most elections in the past. It is definitely one of the greatest presidential elections of our time. The world knew it was over when Ohio turned, but the defining moment was when the entire western seaboard came in pushing him over the 270 electoral college votes needed. When that happened, it was over, The Presidency was Barack Obama's. We now find Obama's 349 electoral votes to McCain's 173.

Sadly though, I was disappointed that my home county and Mississippi's electoral votes went Republican for McCain. Here's the kicker though, I didn't vote all Democrat! For Mississippi I voted Republican for Roger Wicker who also won! That is my testament to the ideal that you should vote for what the candidate believes and not necessarily the party.

I'll never forget the anticipation of sitting here in my apartment at Campus Creek with my roommates awaiting that wonderful moment. And across the country, scenes of rejoice filled the television screen. MSNBC's pan of the citizens across the city Chicago was amazing and they even showed a candid shot of Jesse Jackson crying in the crowd. Rockefeller "Election Plaza" in New York City was beautiful as crowds cried and cheered in glee. It was a moment the world would not forget.

And even in all the celebration, Obama has already started choosing his staff with the acceptance of Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel with the job of Chief of Staff for the Obama White House.

Both candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama have been outstanding in their strides over the past few months. And I greatly respect McCain’s support and good will to Obama’s election. As President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden now prepare for a difficult future ahead, I pray that they find the right path to lead us. I believe in a brighter future and I believe that with God's help, Obama can guide the way.

But it is not just up to Obama to do so. This is our nation and together we can bring change and heal our wounds. Together we will find that path through faith, strength and wisdom. The future is for us to decide.

Change... is here!

Posted by Andrew M. Scott 11/05/2008 02:12:00 PM

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