Sunday, November 9, 2008


To begin with, I'm the big schemer who’s always concocting some crazy idea. The guy who no matter what people say, always believes that “there is no impossible." The one who’s gonna make something of himself in this world. I’ll always be in awe of the arts; from the canvas to the sheet of music. I love hanging out with my friends. I love God and my family. I happen to be the oldest of five children. I was born in the Crescent City (New Orleans) and have lived most of my life in a little city called Brookhaven. One day I see myself retired, on a beach, re-learning how to play the guitar again. For now though, I’m just taking life one day at a time.

Recently I just finished my internship class for this year's first presidential debate at the University of Mississippi. As part of that internship, we blogged about events before, during, and after the debate until the election on November 4. This blog is meant to fill the void now that my time has ended at

With this blog, I'll briefly reflect my old blog entries and the debate internship. But for the most part this is more of a guideline to keep me focused on my current endeavors; mostly those concerning public relations. Like the chair of our Journalism Department, Dr. Samir Husni "Mr. Magazine" I hope to make something of myself in Public Relations, hence the title "Mr. Public Relations." Or you can call me "Mr. PR" for short, ha ha.

Seriously though, the self proclaimed title is not out of arrogance. It's a desire for a sense of purpose and attainment that I hope to accomplish. By doing this, I'm further pushing myself into what I wish to become. Here I'll talk about issues concerning that aspect of my life as well as others... But I'll mostly focus on the PR side of things.

The banner for my blog is provided from a desktop background image from and is their copyright. I chose it because it reminds me of New York whenever I'm blogging.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt and in every fiber of my being, I know I will one day live and work in New York City doing the thing I love most: Public Relations! This is my blog! This is my journey! Watch me grow!”

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